A major step in the rebranding of Huguley Memorial Medical Center to reflect a merger with Harris Methodist Texas Health Resources will be completed Thursday.

A ceremony to unveil a new name and logo will take place at 11 a.m. in the front lawn of the hospital.

The Texas Health Resources flag was raised April 26, 2012, on the hospital's campus as evidence of Texas Health's presence in the operation of HMMC. The announcement Thursday will serve as the first major step toward a rebranding.

In an October presentation to the Burleson Area Chamber of Commerce, HMMC vice president vice president Kent Tucker predicted "There will be more of the Texas Health brand at Huguley."

But, until Thursday, it remains unclear as to how different elements will be played in the naming and logo at the hospital. Tucker suggested in October 2012 the name could be a "Texas Health-Huguley" title. There's also Harris Methodist and Adventist Health System names to consider, along with Texas Health's tendency to often give a sense of place to the naming of a facility.

At the time of the merger, HMMC had a $20 million payroll with 1,512 employees. It served 9,412 inpatients in 2011, with 44,819 emergency room visits. Of those served in the emergency room in 2011, 30 percent were uninsured.