• Beverly Powell, who served on the Burleson ISD school board for 10 years, is running for state senate. courtesy photo/BISD

Powell talks candidacy, student safety with the Star

Burleson school board stalworth Beverly Powell resigned last year so that she could run for state senate in district 10. Powell’s time spent on the school board, as well as her years spent as school board president, are one of the reasons she wants to be senator.

“I believe there is a full on assault against public schools and I believe in protecting our public schools across the state,” Powell said.

Powell believes that the school voucher program will hurt funding for public schools and ultimately children across the state.

“This is one of the single-most important issues,” she said.

Powell further said that she was proud of the BISD school board for creating schools of choice and for Dr. Bret Jimerson to understand the board’s vision for Burleson. Burleson now has four elementary schools of choice, two middle schools of choice and one choice high school.

“I really applaud Dr. Jimerson’s willingness to embrace that vision and make it his own,” Powell said.

The shooting at a high school on Parkland, Florida, was still fresh on Powell’s mind and she wants to assure parents that the school board is, “entirely focused on the protection of our children.”

“I graduated from school here in Burleson,” Powell said. “Not one single time do I ever recall even a conversation about a lockdown or the need for any serious security protection. Yet it’s happening in this day in time over and over and over again.
“We have school resource officers who protect our children. We have a relationship with our police force and firefighter organizations here in Burleson to make sure that we are communicating thoroughly with them all the time to make sure that when you drop your baby off at one of our schools in Burleson, you can do so knowing that we’ve done every single thing in Burleson that can be humanly done to protect our children.”

While Powell was on the school board, she helped oversee a 3.3 million dollar upgrade to security at Burleson schools, including security cameras and two-points of entry before a person is inside a school.

Powell is a defender of children outside the classroom as well and would like to see Medicaid expanded in the state. Many medically-fragile children had their medicaid benefits cut in 2015.

“I believe whole heartedly that 33 governors across this nation have signed on to the expansion of healthcare,” Powell said. “Those governors of men and women, they’re democrats and republicans, it’s a travesty that in Texas we neglected to sign on to the expansion of healthcare. We are leaving billions of dollars on the table to help our citizens that are most in need.”

Powell is proud of the fact that Burleson has seen an economic boom in recent years, marked by large manufacturing companies coming to the area such as Chicken E, McLane Classic Foods and Hayes & Stolz.
“I believe in the business of picking winners,” she said. “Burleson is a prime example of that.” if you take a look at what’s happened at our HighPoint Industrial Park just south of I-35, you can see the evidence what well-placed business incentives do to create jobs and help your economy thrive. If you look at our own statistics in Burleson you’ll see how the average income level has risen, the average price of a new home has risen, you see how the number of building permit applications has risen over time.”

If elected into office, Powell said she is dedicated to bringing more jobs to Burleson and the state.

“I want businesses to move into our community and create wonderful jobs, stimulate the economy by providing resources for folks who need josbs, folks will be able to buy new homes, our schools will get more children,” Powell said. “There is a benefit to all that. It increases our tax base. Funnels money into our schools to help us educate our babies, any number of good results.”

Powell believes her years spent as a real estate and residential developer give her  an edge on business in Texas, but she also believes she is the best person for the job because she’s lived in the area her whole life.

“I’m the person who’s most in the position to understand the district to know the heart of all of our citizens and to understand what the needs of district 10 are,” Powell said. “If you stack my public service an dmy qualifications up against either one of my opponents, I feel wholeheartedly qualified to fill this role.”

To learn more about Beverly Powell and her campaign, go to www.beverlypowell.com/.

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