• Ashlie William, left, and her daughter, Carter, meet Jamey Clark, the 911 MedStar dispatcher who helped in a home delivery of the baby. Burleson Star/RICKY MOORE

Mother, baby meet dispatcher who helped in delivery

Some parents choose the home birth option.

Others, like Burleson’s Ashlie William, have it thrust upon them, whether they like the idea or not.

William gave birth to her daughter Carter at 7:15 a.m. May 17, with the assistance of her mother, Debbie Tuley, and MedStar 911 dispatcher Jamey Clark.

“We call her the bathroom baby because she was born on the bathroom floor,” William said. “It’s actually more entertaining now [looking back on the birth]. At the time it was scary, but definitely the best experience ever.”

Ashlie and Carter, along with Tuley, met Clark for the first time July 6 during a special event at MedStar’s headquarters in Fort Worth.

Ashlie termed Clark an “angel” and Clark had the opportunity to hold the first baby she helped deliver as a 911 dispatcher. Both Clark and the William family received Stork Club mementos from MedStar executives.

“Carter wouldn’t be here without Jamey assisting my mother,” Ashlie said. “We are very thankful for her being so patient and dealing with this crazy experience.”

Carter arrived on her due date, just like her older brother Caden. Ashlie’s husband, Cory William, was flying home from a business trip and missed the whole ordeal.

When Tuley arrived at Ashlie’s home, it was clear the baby was coming soon and Tuley dialed up 911. Clark had a calming affect on the mother and the soon-to-be grandmother, even though she herself was scared.

“That was my first baby delivery and hopefully there will be many more,” Clark said. “I was definitely scared and nervous, but I didn’t want to show it at the time. I just tried to stay calm for them. After she was born and they had tied off the cord, there was less fear and more excitement.”

Minutes after delivering a baby on the floor of bathroom, Ashlie looked at her mother and said “mom do you know what we just did?”

Tuley, who had three daughters the old fashioned way – in a hospital – was amazed by what had just happened minutes earlier.

“It happened so fast that I didn’t have time to think about it,” Tuley said. “First, Ashlie said ‘we have to call 911’ then it was ‘mom, she’s here, she’s coming.’”

Tuley said the birth was a blessing and that the Lord was in control.

“Carter had her own plan [on when and where she going to be born]. She wasn’t going to wait. We are very happy to have this precious gift here.”

Clark said she was able to relax and enjoy the moment once the first responders arrived and she heard the baby was doing fine.

“I did try to follow along with radio reports to make sure they got to the hospital safely and that nothing happened in transport,” Clark said. “It’s really an awesome experience.”

No doubt when she is older, Carter will hear about the story of her birth and might even get to meet Clark again, when she herself can give thanks her for efforts.

Ashlie has been writing Carter’s story in her baby book so she will have it when she grows up.

For now, Ashlie and her family will enjoy the blessing of their bathroom baby.

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Ashlie William, left, and her daughter, Carter, meet Jamey Clark, the 911 MedStar dispatcher who helped in a home delivery of the baby. Burleson Star/RICKY MOORE