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    Several cars in one Burleson neighborhood had windows shot out by either a BB or pellet gun. COURTESY PHOTO/DARIK CASWELL

Car windows shot out by vandals

Last week a Burleson neighborhood woke up to shattered windshields of their vandalized vehicles parked in their driveways.

At least six vehicles from the same area of the city were damaged overnight on Sept. 29.  

The incident is causing concern to the victims.

"The lack of care for other people's property has never been something that I've personally experienced, like, I've never torn up other people's stuff," Burleson resident Darik Caswell said. "So, when somebody tears up mine, it's pretty frustrating. I work hard for those things."

The vandals smashed the rear glass of The Caswell’s white Chevrolet Tahoe, parked in front of their home. Surveillance camera footage installed in the house shows the vandals shooting with what seems like a BB gun or a gun that used a C0 cartridge from inside of a silver car that drove by.

Caswell said he wants the perpetrators to be held accountable, whoever they are.

“I’m hoping this isn't grown adults making stupid decisions like this," Caswell said. "Hopefully, this is some teenage kids who, you know, are learning a valuable lesson. But, there needs to be some restitution."

The cost to repair the damaged windshield was about $350 for Caswell.

Out of the six vandalized automobiles, five had rear window damage and one had side window damage.

“This type of thing has happened in Burleson and other cities in the past but this is the only recent incident that resulted from a spree of activity like this,” said Burleson Police Det. Sgt. Wes Routson. “We occasionally get one or two cars shot or egged but spree events like this happen more rarely.”No leads or suspects have been found yet, as the police continue to investigate the incident.

On the same night, the Crowley Police Department also received reports of multiple vandalism incidents. The Crowley incidents, which also involved BB or pellet gun, occurred between 1 a.m. and 4:40 a.m. on Sept. 29, according  to a Crowley Police Department post on Facebook.

However, the police have not disclosed if there is any connection to the incidents in Burleson.

Routson said the silver sedan was operated by a male, but the car’s make, model, color or plate number is unknown.

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