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    Burleson’s Whataburger was torn down Tuesday. By Wednesdy morning the debris was already being cleared so construction of new and improved Whataburger could begin.BURLESON STAR/RICKY MOORE

Whataburger shall return

First, Burleson’s Whataburger shutdown.

Then last Tuesday, the unimaginable happened as the building was torn down. By 4 p.m. the next day, bulldozers and equipment had already cleared the debris from the location.

But those who love Whataburger shouldn’t fear.

According to Whataburger’s home office in San Antonio, the store will be rebuilt and return better than it was before.

Employees from the Burleson location are now working at other Whataburger’s in the area.

Photos of the demise of Whataburger could be found on various social media outlets and the sorrow regarding the loss of the Burleson institution could be seen in the many comments.

Burleson senior Jacob Amador, who is the Elks starting quarterback for the football team, is a big fan of Whataburger and said he was shocked when he saw the store had been demolished.

Amador said that although it’s a tough thing to stomach, he thought the previous store needed some renovations, especially with the drive-thru.

“It’s sad that’s it’s gone,” Amador said. “But it will be much better when it comes back. I just wish they had chosen a different time of the year to do it. Now we are going to have to find another place to go on Friday night’s after football games.”

Travis Hughes, the head soccer coach and an assistant football coach at Burleson, said the loss of Whataburger was tough.

Hughes and other coaches would gorge themselves at Whataburger on Thursday afternoon because with coaching a sub-varsity game that night they usually don’t get to eat until midnight.

“Seeing Whataburger torn down is not good,” Hughes said. “It’s downright terrible. Right now we just don’t know where we are going to go eat on Thursday’s.”

Kerr Middle School is just across the street from the Whataburger location and the loss of the store is being felt particularly hard with the staff.

“I wanted a honey-butter biscuit or a taquito this morning,” said April Mandel, a teacher, and coach at Kerr. “It was such easy breakfast to get but not anymore. The drive-thru was a little difficult so I’m glad to hear they are going to fix that.”

Even rough and tumble members of the Burleson Fire Department have been humbled by Whataburger’s demise.

“I was surprised when I found it was gone,” said EMT/Firefighter Dennis Koslowski. “But at least they are rebuilding. It’s tough when you are expecting it to be there and want some taquitos and you can’t get them. I usually only go for breakfast, it’s quick and easy.”

The grand reopening of Whataburger might be one of the biggest things to happen in Burleson in 2018.

“We love that we have so many fans in Burleson,” said Kenny Trousdale, the Burleson Whataburger franchise owner,” We hope to have our restaurant at 547 SW Wilshire Boulevard back up and running by fall 2018, weather permitting. We’re excited to be able to provide customers with a completely new restaurant including an updated kitchen and double drive-thru. In the meantime, we hope customers will visit us at nearby locations at 125 Sycamore School Road in Fort Worth, 2215 North Main Street in Cleburne or 708 N. Parkway in Alvarado.”

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