Are police ready to dance?

Chief says BPD will respond to challenge
"We're cops; we're not dancers. But, we're going to put our best foot forward." – POLICE CHIEF BILLY CORDELL

When it comes to emergency response, Police Chief Billy Cordell will accept nothing less than immediate response. But, when it comes to dancing, well it's not so much the case.

Burleson police were challenged about a month ago by Mansfield police. The gauntlet was thrown when Mansfield Chief Tracy Aaron and his officers completed a Walking Man video, and then asked Burleson to break out their dancing shoes.

"We're getting around to it," Cordell said, when quizzed about the progress by Mayor Ken Shetter. "We've accepted the challenge."

Cordell was initially unsure of his own dancing ability, but he and other officers are fast learners. With the help of Bruce Lea Dance Factory, police are coming closer to answering the challenge.

"I've actually been impressed," Cordell said. "Capt. [Melvin] McGuire, Sgt. [Brian] O'Heren and a few others have shown some ability.

"We're cops; we're not dancers. But, we're going to put our best foot forward."

It takes time, Cordell explains, to coordinate a video that would put Mansfield to shame. After all, their Dancing Man video was a Facebook sensation, Shetter says.

"We thought if Burleson was going to respond, it had to be grander than Mansfield," Cordell said. "We want to incorporate our schools, the city, organizations we work with, our department volunteers and police officers. We don't want to be a sensation, we want to go viral."

Even the mayor has hinted he may not be against dancing.

"I think we're all willing to do our part to answer the challenge that has been accepted," Shetter said. "We are happy to help in any way to further the mission of the police department."

So stay tuned to "Burleson Police Department Texas" on Facebook, Cordell says, where he promises the completed video, with the help of Reggie Washington with Washington Filmz, will appear soon.

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