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    Kelly Mason poses with her four daughters on a recent vacation. BURLESON STAR/COURTESY PHOTO

Burleson Child Development Center instills sense of giving in children from young age

Childcare runs in Kelly Mason’s blood. The owner of Burleson Child Development Center knew from a young age that she wanted to carry on a family tradition. The BCDC building, located on Newton Drive, was originally built by Mason’s mother.

“When this daycare came up for sale in 2016, I knew I had to buy it,” Mason said. “My hand prints are in the concrete out front. I grew up doing this my whole life, because my mom owned two daycares.”

When Mason had her first child, she wasn’t comfortable leaving her while she went back to work. She decided to take over an operating daycare that wasn’t performing well and turned the business around.

“We started off with 34 kids and now we have 165,” she said. “We had to add an extension and then we had a wait list of 61 kids.”

One reason Mason’s daycare is so popular is because she and her employees don’t just supervise the children, they have a real learning curriculum and sense of philanthropy in the children.

BCDC holds a different community fundraiser each month and encourages children and parents to get involved.

“We are teaching the kids to give back to the community and to be involved in the community,” she said. “I think that is important, even as an adult to stay involved in the community. If we start teaching them now, then it won’t be such a shock to them when they’re older. It’s also teaching them that kindness matters. Giving can make a bigger impact.”

For Earth Day, children collected pennies and spare change to purchase trees. BCDC staff then spoke with community leaders to organize where to plant the trees. Children also collected and painted rocks for the community project “Burleson Rocks.” They painted the rocks and then hid them throughout the city.”

Mason prides herself on the fact that BCDC isn’t “just a baby-sitter,” as she said, but a learning center for children to broaden their horizons starting at infancy. Children are taught using Frog Street Curriculum and each child has an individualized lesson plan written for them. Mason is also big on “conscious discipline,” which teaches children to think about their actions.

“It’s always a positive punishment, you’re never in trouble here,” Mason said. “Like, ‘let’s just sit here and find out what you want to do, and let’s catch our breath.’ We are big on those things here.”

BCDC has also been designated a Texas Rising Star, a quality rating and improvement system for Texas early childhood programs, and has a four-star rating at both of their locations.

“With that rating we get a lot of help, like the library that Texas Rising Star just donated to us,” Mason said.

From taking over a failing daycare to a four-star rating, Mason said she feels blessed to be doing what she loves as well as helping mold young minds.

“I grew up doing this, it’s what I love,” Mason said. “It’s a passion I have fulfilled.”

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