Man attempted to use stack of fake $20s

A man attempting to buy a pair items Saturday in the Gateway Station area passed eighteen $20 bills, a total in fake money of $360, to pay for purchases.

The store, in the 1100 block of N. Burleson Boulevard, has a description of the man who is facing a charge of forging federal currency related to the purchase at 12:22 p.m. Police are continuing to investigate the case.

"We'll most likely turn this over to the Secret Service," Burleson Police Sgt. Wes Routson said. "We'll do what we are able. The Secret Service has more knowledge they can use to potentially link this to other similar crimes."

The man may have passed counterfeit bills at other locations, Routson said.

"We believe there are similar transactions at other stores," he said. "Maybe not only here, but as far as Louisiana."

Passing that many counterfeit bills is a sign of "someone who does this frequently, and this is not the first time," Routson said.

It was one of two cases last week of counterfeit bills being passed at stores in the Burleson area. In the other case at 5:36 p.m. Monday, a single $20 bill was used to attempt to make a purchase, Routson said. The cashier rejected the bill. The subject who attempted to pass the bill brought it to the Burleson Police Department. That person had shopped at other places during the day and wasn't sure where they may have received the $20 bill, Routson said. It is believed to have been used without knowledge the bill was fake.

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