Man intended to rob three Burleson banks

Search for suspect ends with three in custody

The third time was not the charm for a man who told police he intended to rob three different Burleson banks Wednesday afternoon.

Bank employees at the final bank were able to get a vehicle plate identification that ended up landing the man and his two accomplices in the Johnson County jail.

"We had a report of a man in a hoodie that showed up at one of our banks," Police Chief Billy Cordell said. "When it is 95 degrees outside, that leads you to be alerted."

As bank employees asked to help the man, he fled the bank. The interaction set police on the search for a black male in a hoodie.

"He showed up at another bank dressed the same and fled again," Cordell said.

Then the same subject walked into American National Bank, and employees alerted police.

"We responded, but believe he got nervous and fled again," Cordell said. "This time we got a license plate identification and had his description, along with verification of two others in the vehicle."

Police stopped a vehicle with a matching plate and three persons inside in southwest Fort Worth.

"All three of them had traffic warrants," Cordell said. "We brought them back to the police department for interviews, where they ended up telling us their intent was to rob a bank."

The other occupants of the vehicle were a black male and a Hispanic female. Two subjects are Fort Worth residents and the other is from Forrest Hill.

No bank employees or customers were injured in the three incidents. No weapons were displayed in any of the banks by the subject. No firearms were found in the vehicle.

"We had a pretty significant contingent out looking for them," Cordell said.

All three subjects could face charges of being engaged in organized criminal activity, namely attempted robbery, Cordell said.

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