Park renamed Bartlett Soccer Complex

Naming honors former mayor

The park named for Hobart R. Bartlett has changed recreational uses and the name will slightly change, but the intent to honor the former mayor will remain.

City Council approved a name change Monday from Bartlett Park to Bartlett Soccer Complex for the facility adjacent to the Burleson Recreation Center, 550 NW Summercrest Blvd.

Burleson's parks board unanimously recommended the name change to City Council, said Marc Marchand, Burleson's director of recreation and lifelong learning.

"While the use has changed in terms of baseball to a soccer complex, the fundamental use is still youth sports." Mayor Ken Shetter said. "Long before I was on City Council, it was felt appropriate to honor Mayor Bartlett. He had earned and deserved the honor."

No other naming suggestions were made for the facility, Marchand said.

"I'm excited we are nearing the completion of the project," Shetter said.

One member of City Council has complained of the time it has taken to complete, but it is important to consider the project is completely outdoor, Shetter said. The project came as North Texas recorded its wettest year ever.

"An outdoor project like this is all affected by the weather," Shetter said. "I am glad we've taken the time to do it right. It is going to be a park we can be proud of."

The fields will increase opportunities for youth engaged in soccer, Shetter said.

"Children playing soccer have had inadequate facilities for a long time," he said. "They were inadequate in just the number of children wanting to play soccer."

The facility's completion meshes well with the priority to build a healthier community, Shetter said. The fields will be managed and maintained by the Burleson Independent Soccer Association, Shetter said.

"In turn, they will retain revenue from player fees," he said. "I think that's a pretty innovative and different situation."

The completion of Bartlett Soccer Complex effectively finishes construction surrounding the BRiCk, the city-operated 10,000 square foot fitness center.

"If you think of effective utilization of space, it is important to the development," Shetter said.

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