Tailgate theft on the rise

A new crime of opportunity is on the rise in Burleson.

"We've started to see an uptick in tailgate theft," Burleson Police Sgt. Wes Routson said. "It appears as if Ford trucks have been a primary target."

Newer pickup trucks with backup cameras located in the tailgate have been primary targets, he said, because they could have a black market value of $1,000. A tailgate stolen in Burleson could end up being shipped overseas, Routson said.

"Tailgates are fairly easy to remove, especially if they are not locked," he said. "They can be valuable for resellers."

Police have not been able to determine a certain colored tailgate is at greater chance of theft than another, Routson said.

"It appears tailgates have so far just been taken in neighborhoods," he said.

The tailgate can be removed from a pickup truck in 30 seconds, Routson said.

"At least try to get your truck out of the street and park it in the driveway," he said. "Back it in your driveway or try to park it in your garage, if you can. If the tailgate can be locked, make sure to do that to help deter the theft."

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