‘Not only a community center – but a community’

Dr. Mukhtar Anees built “Med Spa at Seena One” about 12 or so years ago.

It is here on the second floor of this structure – at 701 East Rendon Crowley Road – that members of the Islamic Information and Education Center of Southwest Fort Worth have met regularly for years.

Med Spa at Seena One took Anees about a year to completely construct.

“I built it from scratch,” the doctor said. “Now I’m bringing in a partner so we can expand.”

As the years have gone by, more and more members of the DFW Islamic community have gathered there to meet.

During the recent Ramadan, several hundred area muslims convened at the center to pray, fast, and purify as part of their religious observance.

Anees believes now is the time to consider expansion.

“We are working on plans to build not only as a community center – but as a community,” Anees said. “I have 15 acres of land behind my building and I’m working on it to bring some community there.”

There are overlapping municipalities in the 15-acre area where the mosque is expected to be built: Burleson, Fort Worth, and Crowley are all represented there.  It is very possible that the new mosque might end up in three different cities at once.

Anees is a very well-thought of member of both the medical and Islamic communities. Burleson Police Chief Billy Cordell said Anees is notable for his character and his kindness.

“Dr. Anees invited me to lunch around two years ago so we could meet and talk,” Cordell stated. “Afterwards, he invited me to attend a prayer service and I gladly accepted his invitation. I was warmly welcomed into the prayer service and quickly felt a genuine appreciation for my attendance.”

The chief said the doctor is a wonderful member of any community.

“As the chief of police, my job is to build relationships within the community I serve and this has been an exceptional opportunity for me to grow and learn more about a different culture,”   Cordell said. “I value my relationship with Dr. Anees.”

Likewise, Anees extended a meal invitation to a Burleson Star reporter during Ramadan. When the reporter arrived for the meal, he and numerous area residents at the dinner took great pains to explain their customs and traditions to him, as well as the need for more “moving around” space.

They pointed out to him that there are 1.6 billion Muslims throughout the world who undergo a period of daily fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.

Anees said as the Islamic community’s interest in services on the second floor has grown, so has interest in the growth of this community.

“More and more people are coming here,” he said. “That number keeps increasing.”

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