• Community Outreach Officer Tiffany Bauerisen serves food to patrons at tip-a-cop.

$2,047 raised from tip-a-cop

Burleson residents and members of the Burleson citizens police academy came out to eat some tasty burgers and support the Burleson Police Department on Monday.

Vivkie McElroy, president of the alumni association for the Burleson citizens police academy, said the fundraiser helps the department buy things that aren’t always budgeted for.

“This is the third year we’ve done tip-a-cop,” McElroy said. “We get half of every meal sold and all the money that is put in the tip jar.”

Last year the tips and money from the sale of meals almost equaled each other, McElroy said.

Officer Tiffany Bauereisen was at the event serving food to customers.

“Our alumni members do so much for us,” she said. “It means so much to the department that they do these fundraisers.”

Bauereisen said the money from tip-a-cop will go towards new badges for the department.

“We are going to get a new design and so everyone in the department is excited about that.”

She said this is the fundraiser the department enjoys the most.

“We get to interact with the citizens a lot at tip-a-cop since we actually serve the food,” Bauereisen said. “The customers who come in and don’t know that the fundraiser is taking place, there is sometimes a look of shock on their face. Then when an officer yells out their name for their order they kinda jump.”

“But we have a good time with it and they catch onto it quick.”

Richard DeLong, a recent member of the Burleson citizens police academy, said coming out to show support for the police department feels like the right thing to do.

“We are doing community service in a way and we want to show the community that we care support the police department,” he said. “Because this is where we live and where they live too.”

Grumps has been doing tip-a-cop for 13 years now, said Shevin Schmitt, marketing and events manager for Grumps.

“We started in Granbury and we have been doing it in Burleson for ten years now,” Schmitt said. “It helps the community and police department come together and we want to show them how thankful we are for them and the hard work that they do.”

Thanks to the community and the Burleson citizens police academy alumni association, $2,047 was raised from tip-a-cop and the department is one step closer to new badges.


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