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    Todd Neal Jr. was gunned down on June 11 in Burleson. Facebook
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    Evrick Johnson is being held in the Johnson County jail on a $100,000 bond. Johnson County Sheriff's Office
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    Keilon Warren fired the shots at Todd Neal Jr., which killed him. johnson county sheriff’s office

Additional arrest made in murder of Todd Neal Jr.

An accomplice in the murder of Todd Neal Jr. has been arrested. Evrick Johnson assisted Keilon Warren in the murder of Neal by using his black Chevrolet pickup to chase the car in which Neal was a passenger in.

Burleson Police were trying to identify the driver of the pickup because they knew from preliminary investigations that it was at the scene of the murder.

“Our investigation led us back to the owner of the black truck, who was related to Evrick Johnson,” said Burleson Police detective Wes Routson.

Police were able to identify Johnson as the driver of the truck and place him at  the scene the time of the incident.

“We were able to obtain a warrant for his arrest for murder,” Routson said.

Johnson is currently being held at the Johnson County Jail and his bail is set at $100,000.

The incident first took place on June 11, when Neal and the driver of the vehicle he was in, Tyquan Pleasant, got into an altercation with Warren in South Fort Worth. During that incident, Warren fired shots at the vehicle holding Neal and Pleasant. However, neither Pleasant or Neal were injured at that time.

An ensuing chase to Burleson occurred, with the vehicles stopping at the intersection of Wilshire Blvd. and Renfro Street, where Neal was shot and seriously wounded by Warren.

The Lexus, driven by Pleasant in which Neal was a passenger, sped away from that location and stopped in front of the Burleson Police Department. Neal died from his injuries.

Police arrested Warren after he abandoned his vehicle in a neighborhood near Darrin and Arnold Street and was picked up by another vehicle. He was stopped behind the Burleson Police department where he was taken into custody for the murder of Neal.

Since the shooting, four search warrants have been executed by the Burleson Police Department. Three search warrants were executed on separate vehicles and one on a home in Fort Worth. Marijuana was located in the black Lexus and at the home. Several fake Texas identification cards, fraudulent credit cards, and checks were also located in the home, along with a large amount of cash.

Family members told the Star that Neal was on his way to Burleson to witness the birth of his child.

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