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    Ethan Marquart stands with Burleson firefighters outside of Bransom elementary as they show support for his fundraiser that will benefit victims of the California wildfires. Burleson Star/Latricia Powell

Bransom student calls on Burleson to help California

Distance matters very little to third-grader Ethan Marquart. As seen all over the media, California has been devastated by wildfires in the past year. Families have lost everything and first responders are risking their lives to keep the public safe, while at the same time trying to calm the natural disasters that they are facing.

When 8-year-old Marquart heard about what was going on, he immediately asked his parents if they could help. Marquart said he initially wanted to get involved because he has family and cousins in California just south of where the fires were spreading, so he really wanted to help give back.

Once he got the OK from his parents, he talked his teacher, Meagan Burross and principal, Joy Burchfield at Bransom Elementary School to see if his class could get involved.

Soon, the whole school was involved and donating items.

The Burleson Fire Department heard about what Ethan was doing and visited the Academy of the Arts at Bransom Elementary to show Ethan and his classmates how great they think it is. Fire Chief, K.T. Freeman, spoke to Marquart’s class about the fundraiser.  

Freeman, along with other firefighters, congratulated Marquart and the class on having the heart and vision to give back in a big way.

“We help people, just like Ethan is helping people and y’all are helping people,” Freeman said. “That’s what we’re all about.”

Freeman then surprised them with an exclusive inside look of a fire truck. Ethan led his classmates outside to the front of the school where they got to look inside and learn more about the tools of a fire truck.

The class huddled together as the Burleson firemen showed them a ladder, an axe and other useful tools they might need when they get called out to a job.

Each student also got a chance to climb inside the fire truck and take turns sitting in the driver’s seat.

Afterwards, Freeman had the class huddle together one more time to tell them how much he appreciates what the class and Marquart are doing.

“Ethan, we are so proud of you,” he said. “You kids keep up the good work. You are making Burleson proud.”

Donations can be brought to Bransom Elementary through the end of January. Non-perishable food, water and personal hygiene products such as soap, shampoo and deodorant are needed.  

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