Burleson sales tax revenue keeps pace with rising summer temperatures, increases by seven percent

As the summertime temperatues start to rise, Burleson’s sales tax revenue continues to heat up, too.

The city received $250,738 more sales tax revenue in May than it did in the same month last year, according to figures released last week by State Comptroller Glenn Hegar.

Burleson and eight other Johnson County cities received an increase as Hegar sent Finance Director Rhett Clark $1,853,695, a sizzling increase of 16  percent more than the $1,602,957 it received in May of last year, according to Hegar’s figures.

“We’re pleased,” Clark said. “This puts us a little ahead for the year. Home improvement projects have started and we expected this good report.”

For the calendar year, Burleson has received $7,607,117 in sales tax revenue, an increase of 7 percent more than the $7.1 million it received through May of 2017, Hegar’s report indicates.

The city budgeted $17,235,000 from sales tax revenue, Clark said.
Burleson’s sales tax is 2 percent. The city receives half of that ($8,368,000 for the general fund) and the other half ($8,368,000) is shared by the Business 4A Economic Development Corporation (called Type A) and the Burleson Community Services Economic Development Corporation (called Type B).

The allocations are based on sales made in March by businesses that report tax monthly, and sales made in January, February and March by quarterly filers, Hager said. The monies are collected in March, counted in April and distributed in May, he said.

County-wide for May, Alvarado is up 80 percent on revenue of $278,501 compared to $154,367 last May. Briaroaks is up 32 percent on revenue of $2,238, compared to $1,696 last May. Cleburne is in the positive by 7 percent on revenue of $1,136,271, versus $1,058,444 in May 2017. Grandview is up 4 percent on revenue of $86,241 compared to $82,938 last May, while Joshua is up 18 percent on revenue of $141,415, compared to $120,113 last year, and Keene is up 6 percent on sales tax revenue of $85,090 compared to $80,528 last May.

Rio Vista is up 11 percent with $13,565 compared to $12,197 in May 2017, and Venus increased 31 percent on sales tax revenue of $65,326 compared to $49,986 in May of last year.

Godley is the only Johnson County city to experience a decrease, receiving $120,772, a drop of 72 percent from the $429,394 it received in May 2017.

Statewide, Hegar announced he will send cities $557.9 million in local sales tax allocations for May, a 8.4 percent increase over May 2017.

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