Centennial lockout, what happened?

Last Wednesday started out as any normal day for Centennial High School students. Then, at approximately 11:42 a.m., Burleson Police put a statement on their Facebook account that police were investigating a tip from a parent regarding a BISD student who may have made a threat towards a BISD school. The school decided to perform a ‘lockout,’ which meant the campus was closed to outside visitors while police investigated the situation.

The post was shared more than 600 times.

Once the information was received, detectives immediately investigated the source of the information and were trying to find the student in question. At 1:28 p.m., BPD came back to Facebook and reported that the student had been located and that the lockout had been lifted.

BPD stressed that law enforcement take threats made against any school and student seriously and parents should talk to their children about the consequences of making threats by any means, whether that be in person, or through social media.

Destiny Williams, a sophomore at Burleson Collegiate High School, which is located within Centennial High School, said she and her fellow classmates were in class when an announcement came over the intercom.

“They told us that there was a lockout and that they would keep us updated,” Williams said. “We stayed longer in that period and then they said we could switch classes but keep the doors locked and stuff.”

As students changed classes, Williams said that students were not as loud and rambunctious as usual and seemed more aware of what was happening.

“We were more aware of everything,” she said. “I myself was a little nervous, but I knew the school would let us know if anything happened, but you always have the thought that something could happen.”

At 2:37 p.m., BPD made another update to their Facebook page to inform the pubic that the student in question had been detained and was being transferred to the custody of the Johnson County Juvenile Services for violation of Texas penal code 42.06, which states a “person commits an offense if he knowingly initiates, communicates or circulates a report of a present, past, or future bombing, fire offense or other emergency that he knows is false or baseless that would cause an agency to deal with emergencies.”

Mikala Hill, head of BISD communications, sent this email to all BISD parents:

Dear BISD Families,

Students at Centennial and Burleson Collegiate high schools are safe and the lockout has been lifted.
The Burleson Police Department investigated a tip made by a parent regarding a potential threat to Centennial High School. We remained on lockout as the BPD conducted their investigation and reported to us that there is no current threat to Centennial or Burleson Collegiate high schools or any other schools in BISD.
BISD works closely with the BPD. Our first and most important priority is to maintain the safety of students and then we begin the process of sharing information with parents.
We will always follow up with information as it becomes available. Please understand that as an investigation is in progress, we will share information as approved by the BPD, so as not to interfere with their investigation. We encourage you to follow their Facebook and Twitter feeds to receive the most timely information from them.   
We are grateful for the outstanding level of communication and support that we have received from the Burleson Police Department. And we thank our BISD staff, students and parents for responding with great professionalism and patience.
Student safety is our highest priority, and we thank you for your support and confidence in Burleson ISD.

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