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    As of June 1 the city of Burleson is no longer enforcing red light cameras. But red light fines incurred before that date still need to be paid. BURLESON STAR/RICKY MOORE

City eliminates use of red light cameras

Following the path of other cities in the Metroplex, the City of Burleson discontinued the use of red light cameras on June 1.

A press release from city marketing and communications director DeAnna Phillips stated “violations are no longer being captured and any currently queued violations are being dismissed. Please note, the law is not retroactive and does not affect past violations.”

Phillips added a reminder for drivers “not to run red lights it is very dangerous and someone could be seriously injured or killed.”

There were seven red light cameras at five intersections in operation in the city. All of them were located on SW Wilshire Boulevard from Renfro Street to John Jones Drive.

The city acted quickly considering Gov. Greg Abbott signed House Bill 1631 into law on June 1. The law, which prohibits cities from operating traffic camera systems that catch citizens speeding or running red lights and then issuing them fines, went into effect June 2.

An added amendment to the bill stops county and state officials from refusing to register a vehicle because the owner of the vehicle has unpaid red light camera tickets.

“I’m about to sign this bill that bans red light cameras in Texas,” Abbott said.

It took Abbott less than 10 seconds to sign the paper. He then held the sheet of paper up for the camera and said: “It is now law.”

House Bill 1631 was authored by state Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford, and is the first law he has helped enact since taking office in 2013. The bill approved by the House and Senate during the final weeks of the legislative session that ended on Memorial Day.

When the bill headed to the governor, Strickland sent out a tweet asking for quick approval of the bill into law.

Strickland’s tweet read “The bill to ban red light cameras just passed the Senate and is headed your way @GregAbbott_TX. Would love your quick signature on it so we can restore our Constitutional rights!”

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