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Mayor Ken Shetter wins reelection, a runoff is called and the Burleson ISD bonds pass by a significant margin

BURLESON – Incumbent Mayor Ken Shetter won re-election with nearly 58 percent of the vote, a June 17 runoff was called in the Place 4 City Council race, and both Burleson Independent School District proposals passed as Election Day hit the city Saturday.
City Secretary Amanda McCrory and Mary Ellen Burch from the Burleson Independent School District took turns announcing the tentative election results in front of Burleson City Hall shortly after 9 p.m. Saturday. The polls closed at 7 p.m.
The results will remain un-official until they are canvassed – either by the Burleson City Council or the Burleson ISD board of trustees, officials said.
They are as follows:
• Shetter received 1,995 votes, or 57.93 percent of the vote, during Saturday's election. That breaks down to 1,403 ballots cast for the incumbent mayor during early voting and 590 on Election Day.
• Challenger Katherine Reading received 1,183 votes, or 34.35 percent of the vote. This breaks down to 796 ballots cast for her during early voting and 386 on Election Day.
• John Garrison received 216, or 6.27 percent – breaking down to 134 ballots cast for him during early voting and 81 on Election Day.

On Saturday, the mayor shared his thoughts on the election during a radio interview on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ben-tinsley/2017/05/07/the-2017-burleson-ci...
During that interview, Shetter wished his opponents well and commended them for their tenacity as candidates.
“It was a good, well-fought race,” Shetter said. “It was closely contested from beginning to end.”
Shetter said his victory indicates there is a “certain amount of satisfaction with the general direction of the city.
“We have worked hard to get where we are,” the mayor said. “While this doesn't mean there isn't always room for improvement … I think the election does give us the mandate to continue moving forward in the direction we have been going. … I like a close election because you … get to see if you are moving in the right direction and get some wind at your back.”
Garrison could not immediately be reached to comment on the radio show Saturday night, but Reading congratulated Shetter for a well-run campaign.
“I'm very happy for my opponent,” she said. “Congratulations to Mayor Shetter because I think he was great.”
Reading said the people of Burleson have made their voices heard and that needs to be respected. However, she has no intention of fading into the political shadows.
“For a ‘girl’ who's only lived here 18 months, I am proud of what I have accomplished,” she said. “I have been able to maintain being a part of our wonderful community. I have learned about a lot of issues and addressed issues that have been in Burleson for a very long time. … But the end result is, I'm not going anywhere.”
In other election results:
• Incumbent Rick Green took the Place 2 City Council race – a clear winner with 1,769 votes, or 51.36 percent of the vote. That breaks down to 1,261 ballots cast for him during early voting and 506 on Election Day.
• The runner-up in Place 2, Brooke Wilson, received 813 votes or 23.61 percent. This breaks down to 551 ballots cast in early voting and 261 on Election Day.
• Place 2: Roman Pscheidt received 131 votes, or 3.80 percent, which breaks down to 83 ballots cast for him during early voting and 47 on Election Day.
• Place 2: K.J. Topinka received 115 votes or 3.34 precent – breaking down to 92 ballots cast for him during early voting and 23 on Election Day.
* Place 2: Robert Boot took 341 votes or 9.90 percent, which breaks down to 222 early ballots cast for him and 119 on Election Day.
• PLACE 4 RUNOFF: With no clear winner in the race for City Council Place 4, there will be a runoff election June 17. In this race, Pam Grant Tatum received 1,168 votes or 33.91 percent – 795 early ballots cast and 373 on Election Day; Todd Hulsey got 1,304 votes or 37.86 percent — 919 ballots cast during early voting and 381 on Election Day; and Shannan Sutter received 580 votes or 16.84 percent, which breaks down to 413 ballots cast during early voting and 167 on Election Day.
 • In Place 6, Ronnie Johnson won with 1,821 votes, or 52.87 percent. This breaks down to 1,301 in early voting and 518 on Election Day. Challenger Jason Morse received 1,289 votes, or 37.43 percent, which is 873 ballots cast during early voting and 414 on Election Day.
• In the Place 3 Burleson ISD school board election, incumbent Ryan Richardson won with 2,103 votes. Jerry Duncan received 1,177 votes and write-in candidate Misty Lemons received 29 votes. (Percentages were not immediately calculated with these results. Nor were early votes versus Election Day votes.)
• In the Place 4 school board election, Andy Pickens won with 1,610 votes to opponent Shane O'Rourke's 638 votes, and Shelley Grant's 1,201 votes.
• Proposition 1 in the Bond Election – the issuance of $85 million in bonds and levying the tax in payment thereof – passed, 2,301 to 1,722.
• Also passing, 2,214 votes to 1,791, was Proposition 2 – the Tax Ratification Election approving the ad valorem tax rate of $1.67 per $100 valuation in the Burleson Independent School District for the current year. Voters approved a rate of $0.13 higher per $100 valuation than the school district rollback tax rate.

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