• Photo courtesy of the USGS

Earthquake shakes Burleson

No, it wasn’t your imagination. Burleson and the surrounding communities experienced a few shakes  Friday evening. A 3.5 magnitude earthquake, which occurred outside of Lillian and Alvarado was felt throughout Johnson County.

The earthquake started at 7:45 p.m.  According to the United States Geological survey shake map, a 3.5 magnitude earthquake is classified as a “light” earthquake that will not typically cause any damage and only minor shaking would be felt.

However, the Star received several calls and messages about the earthquake. Residents from all over Burleson said they felt the shaking. According to the USGS shake map, shaking could be felt past Mansfield.
One woman said she was laying in her bed when the shaking started and thought that one of her dogs was causing the bed to shake.

“I thought one of my dogs was on the bed scratching,” Trish Williams said. “I went to tell him to stop and realized no one was on the bed with me.”

Williams said the shaking lasted about 10 to 15 seconds and then stopped.

“I noticed afterwards that my dog was panting harder than normal and wanted to be by me the rest of the night.”

Though large earthquakes in Texas are rare, smaller earthquakes such as Friday’s are more common. In 2016, Venus experienced several earthquakes - a 2.6 magnitude and a 2.7 magnitude.
If you experience an earthquake, you can report it to the USGS on their website.

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Photo courtesy of the USGS