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    Burleson Fireman Jacob Uzee, left, helped out Burleson resident Gene Paulson, center, by mowing his yard June 13. Paulson had collapsed in his while mowing his yard June 12 and Uzee was one of the firemen who reported to the scene of the incident. Standing with Paulson is his wife Mary Paulson. COURTESY PHOTO/BURLESON FIRE DEPARTMENT

Fireman does good deed

When an 84-year-old Burleson resident was hospitalized after losing consciousness mowing his lawn, a fireman on the scene took it upon himself to finish the task at hand.

Rookie fireman Jacob Uzee responded to a call at the home of Gene Paulson June 12, where the resident had passed out and was subsequently taken to the hospital.

When Uzee got off work the next morning, he drove by Paulson’s home to see the lawn was still not mowed, which is when he decided to do it himself.

Paulson’s son, Nathan, drove by while Uzee was mowing the lawn and, to his surprise, saw the fireman in his father’s yard.

When Paulson was released from the hospital, he wanted to thank the fireman, and called Burleson Fire Chief K.T. Freeman to find out who had mowed his lawn.

“[Jacob] went back the next day and didn’t say anything to anybody,” Freeman said. “This is what makes it so cool to me. He was not and is not a self-promoter. To me it just shows the goodness of his heart.”

A week later, Freeman brought the firemen who were on duty the day of the incident to Paulson’s home, when Paulson was able to thank Uzee in person.

“Some people do the right thing on the surface but their motives aren’t right -- they do it to get in the spotlight and self-promote and insert themselves,” Freeman said. “That’s what I love about this situation. We wouldn’t have known about it if Mr. Paulson hadn’t called.”

“This was so unusual,” Paulson, who is a retired Fort Worth police officer, said about Uzee. “So above and beyond anything a fireman, police officer or anyone else will do.”

Uzee wasn’t expecting the attention he has received, he said, and mowed Paulson’s lawn simply because he wanted to help.

“That’s part of the job,” Uzee said. “We’re here for the community and to help others.”

“With all the flack that police and firemen get these days I thought it’d be nice for people to know that they do things above and beyond the call of their duties,” Paulson said.

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