Following five months of steady growth, Burleson’s sales tax revenue declines

After five months of traveling a smooth route uphill, Burleson’s sales tax revenue hit a little decline.

The city received $76,401 less sales tax revenue in May than it did in the same month last year, according to figures released last week by State Comptroller Glenn Hegar.

Burleson and three other Johnson County cities received a decrease as Hegar sent Finance Director Rhett Clark $1,777,294, a decrease of 4 percent less than the $1,853,695 the city received in May of last year, according to Hegar’s figures.

“We’re a little short of our budget projections for the month,” Clark said. “However, it’s the same amount we were over last month. We are still $100,000 over for the year, so I am not going to have a knee-jerk negative reaction. But we’ll stay on top of it.”

The allocations are based on sales made in March by businesses that report tax monthly, and sales made in January, February and March by quarterly filers, according to Hagar’s release. The monies are collected in March, counted in April and distributed in May.

For the 2018-2019 fiscal year, the city budgeted $18 million from sales tax revenue, Clark said.

Burleson’s sales tax is 2 percent. The city receives about half of that ($8,935,000 for the general fund) and the other half is shared by the Business 4A Economic Development Corporation (called Type A) and the Burleson Community Services Economic Development Corporation (called Type B), about $4,571,000 each.

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