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    Watering landscapes during the heat of the summer can account for up to 60 percent of your water use. BURLESON STAR/COURTESY PHOTO

How to be smart about watering landscaping

Texas is used to hot weather, thankfully we’ve only recently hit the 100 degree mark.

However, with temperatures on the inevitable rise and with rain chances looking dim, it is time to start thinking about the water demands of your landscape.

Population growth in Burleson coupled with the water limitations of our state puts increasing demands on our water resources.

Landscape watering during the heat of the summer can account for up to 60 percent of water use.

Water smart landscapes have many advantages including healthier plants and turf grasses with deeper, more robust root systems.

Less irrigation means less fertilizer runoff and lower water bills.

Water smart landscaping principles:

• Plan and design with water requirements in mind- group plants with similar water needs together.

• Improve your soils- build deep, high quality soils by amending them with composts and landscape mixes. Incorporating generous amounts into your beds will increase their moisture holding potential.

• Use practical turf areas-turf grasses require more frequent watering than many ground cover plants which can be used in your landscape instead.

What types of plants should you have in your yard if you want them to survive the Texas summer?

Thankfully, there are many species that have adapted to our climate and visiting a nursery selling locally grown plants will ensure you don’t end up with brown and wilted plants.

Jeff Miller is an associate at Roots Garden Center and Landscaping in Burleson


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