Man from El Paso goes missing in Burleson while working at hotel

Clint Hemphill isn’t the type of man to go missing, his friends told the Star. The 41-year-old El Paso man was working a construction remodeling job at the Magnuson Hotel in Burleson in late May and has not been heard from since.

Mark Garduna, who raised Hemphill since he was a teen, said nothing like this has ever happened before.

“Thursday, May 24 was the last time I heard from Clint,” Garduna said. “I was trying to call him and send him texts and he never replied. By Saturday I still hadn’t heard from him and that’s when I started getting really worried.”

Garduna called the Fort Worth Police Department to report that Clint was missing. Though the Magnuson Hotel has a Burleson mailing address it is technically located inside  Fort Worth city limits.

Fort Worth Police Officer D. Jones said these missing person cases aren’t all that uncommon.

“I don’t suspect any foul play, just from talking to friends,” Jones said. “Saturday, May 26 was the last time he was seen. He was walking out of the hotel carrying two buckets.”

According to Jones, Hemphill had missed a few days of work and may have been homesick and could have been trying to get home.

“I’ve dealt with similar situations like this before,” Jones said. “I’m hoping he’s checked himself in somewhere like a hotel or homeless shelter, but we are still looking for him.”

On Tuesday, June 12, a person called Fort Worth Police and reported that they had seen Hemphill walking down Interstate 35W, but a subsequent patrol by police turned up fruitless.

If you think you have seen Hemphill, please call Fort Worth Police Officer D. Jones at 682-252-0954 or Mark Garduna at 915-346-5781.


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