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    Bernardo Vallarino and Camille Bransom stand in front of the kindness matters mural, located on the side of City Market.

Mural reminds Burleson that kindness matters

A beautiful piece of artwork is in the process of being created on the side of City Market.

However, before you ask Camille Bransom, contributor to the project, why zebra stripes are being painted on the building, let’s get one thing clear.

“They are not zebra stripes,” Bransom said. “It’s a fingerprint.”

The fingerprint belongs to her father, Richard Bransom, who was a community leader and owner of Bransom Grocery until his death in 2001.

“With the help of a police officer, we got a print off of his Chevron card,” said Bransom. “So that is his actual fingerprint.”

The mural is part of the Kindness Matters anti-bullying movement that swept Burleson several years ago. Kindness Matters signs could be seen on every corner, in business windows and on lawns, Bransom said.

“BISD was trying to promote this wonderful idea, and then one day they (the signs) just sort of disappeared,” said Bransom. “We wanted to continue the work of Kindness Matters because I thought it was important.”

Bransom teamed up with Fort Worth artist Bernardo Vallarino who is a sculptor by trade.

“I’ve been doing non-commercial sculpting for museums and galleries for the past 13 years,” Vallarino said. “It is all from a single idea and then the artwork became a project the community can become involved in.”

Vallarino added that the fingerprint is especially fitting on the wall because the late Richard Bransom built the building.

“I thought it would be really exquisite to have his own fingerprint on his building,” Vallarino said. “Though you can’t immediately see that it is a fingerprint, that’s what it is. After the fingerprint is complete, we will add the words ‘Kindness Matters’ and a heart with longhorns coming out of the top. Ants will be painted on the border and they represent community working together.”

Bransom reached out to the art departments at Centennial and Burleson High School to gauge if any students were interested in helping paint the mural.

“We wanted to give them the chance to be a part of something and we’ve had several students come out and paint,” Bransom said. “Some come every weekend.”

Bransom and Vallarino also started a fundraiser in conjunction with the mural project to help pay for supplies and to benefit a local charity.

“We are looking for 100 donations of $100 to give back to a local non-profit,” Bransom said. “Those who donate can put their name on the wall and we are encouraging the community to vote for their favorite non-profit.”

Bransom hopes that the mural acts as a reminder for the community to be kind to one another for years to come.

“It’s important for people to be engaged in something so easy, but also has a huge impact on the community,” said Bransom.


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