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    A child lays with Merlin the service dog at an educational presentation at Nola Dunn. A Fort Worth Police Deaprtment K9 was also there for the presentation. Burleson Star/Latricia Powell

Nola Dunn students learn from police and service dog

Students from the Academy at Nola Dunn received a little education from some furry friends. On Dec. 22, Fort Worth Police Department officers Spaun and Velasquez came to visit the school and demonstrate how the police K-9 unit works. Burleson Police Chief Billy Cordell is a former K-9 handler with FWPD and held a special part in the demonstration.

Amy Chambers, business owner and trainer of “Perfect Beginnings Dog Training” spoke first. She taught the kids about the other different kinds of service dogs there are and how much training each require.

Chambers told the children about some of the different kind of service dogs there are and how they can help their owners. The kids learned about guide dogs that help their owners cross the street and get places safely, and dogs that help take care of owners that are diabetic, have seizures or problems with mobility.

She taught and reviewed with them the amount of time and work it takes to train certain service dogs for both the owner and animals.

Chambers has been in the business for two years but has been working with and been around dogs her entire life.

Chambers brought along Merlin, a two-year-old golden retriever who is training to be a therapy dog. When Merlin completes his training, he will go to schools, hospitals, doctor’s offices and libraries for kids to read to.

“It takes a lot of accountability,” said Chambers.

Afterwards, Chambers and Merlin also dazzled the crowd with some of the tricks they’ve been working on. She has taught Merlin to open the refrigerator door, turn the lights on/off, open and shut doors and many others.

Next up was FWPD to teach the kids about the K-9 unit.

Spaun and Velasquez brought a Oso, a Dutch shepherd to help with their demonstration.

They explained to the students and broke down the job descriptions of these dogs. They help with patrol divisions, specialized units, or wherever else they’re needed.

Chief Cordell also came up on stage in a bite suit to show what it’s like when the dogs are in action chasing bad guys. Spaun said they do many demos around the DFW area at schools and many other places in the communities.

“We actually train the dogs specifically to bite and hold,” said Spaun.

He said interacting with the public is what he especially enjoys.

“I get paid to play with the dogs and then you get to come out here and interact with the citizens and let them know that that these are the tools that are helping to keep you safe out here,” said Spaun.

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