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    Pat Worrell was an educator for 33 years and has been a member of the school board since 2009. Photo Courtesy of BISD

Pat Worrell runs for fourth term on BISD school board

Pat Worrell has faithfully served the Burleson ISD for more than 30 years and has no plans of slowing down. She’s running for her third term on the school board and wants to continue her legacy in education.

Worrell got her start in education in 1968 in the Alvarado school district. She moved to Burleson after getting married.

“I transferred to the Burleson school district and taught primarily at Frazier and Nola Dunn,” Worrell said. “I taught first, second, third and fourth grade for 17 years. I also got my certification to teach gifted and talented classes and traveled between campuses.”

She then became assistant principal at Frazier and principal at Taylor. She first decided to run for school board in 2009, because even though she had retired as a principal from Taylor, she felt like she still had more to give to the district.

“As the years went on, my sphere of contact with families deepened,” Worrell said. “I felt like I had something to offer to the district because I had been a principal. Even though I’m not employed by the district anymore, I care very much about the community and the school district.”

Worrell was on the board when Dr. Bret Jimerson was hired and credits him with the advancements the school district has made as far as schools of choice and burgeoning popularity with parents.

“I have never wondered why we chose him because he is an awesome leader,” said Worrell. “We encouraged him from the beginning to try new things. We wanted someone who could take us to the next step and he has done that and continues to.”

Moreover, Worrell said that when she was a teacher and principal, the district was much more militant about how things were done in the classroom. Teachers have a support system and principals are able to act as leaders within their own schools.

Presently, if a teacher has a new concept he or she would like to practice in the classroom, they only have to ask.

“It’s no longer a one-size- fits-all situation,” Worrell said.

Worrell also noted that students and parents have more choices than ever to place their student in the perfect school for them. Worrell noted that Burleson and the district have changed dramatically over the years.

“The regular, run of the mill is no longer acceptable,” Worrell said. “I think parents are more informed now. They have more choices and they want to make the best choices for their children. As a member of the school board, I want to continue doing that.”

One of the things that Worrell is very passionate about is the Character Council, which was established by mayor Byron Black to promote Burleson as a city of character. Children from all BISD schools write essays about what it means to have good character. Worrell said one reason she is so passionate about the project is because she thinks teachers shouldn’t just be educators. They should teach children to become good citizens.

“We can all learn to become good people,” Worrell said. “That affects not just our city, but also our state and country. If there was ever a need for strong leadership, now is especially the time.”

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