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Police: shooting was targeted attack

New details have emerged in the murder of Todd Neal Jr., who was gunned down at the intersection of Wilshire Blvd. and Renfro Street on June 11.

Burleson police now believe that this incident was not a random act of road rage, but a targeted attack against Neal.

“We believe this was based on a drug deal gone bad. It was a targeted offense and was not random, as it was first reported,” Burleson Police Chief Billy Cordell said. “We had red-flags on that from the word go, but we had to get through the process to be able to execute search warrants.”

Cordell also noted that police are looking over newly-discovered video evidence as well.

“We’re still looking at video and running search warrants on cell phones that were part of the investigation to see if it will expand any further,” Cordell said. “We did arrest the driver of the black Lexus, Tyquan Pleasant. He had a warrant out and we added a charge based on what we found in the car.”
Pleasant, the driver of the black Lexus, who originally called police saying that he and Neal were being chased, said at the time   he did not know who was chasing him. That may not be the case, Cordell said.

“This was originally reported by the driver of the vehicle (Pleasant) the victim was in that this was a random road rage incident,” said Cordell. “He said, ‘we have no idea who these people are,’ but when you put all the pieces together, this involved drugs and money and it was a targeted type offense, not a random incident as reported.”

While road-rage incidents are frightening, Cordell said that the public can rest-assured that this attack involved people who already knew each other.

“We do not have somebody out there who followed someone and started shooting at them randomly,” Cordell said. “I think that scares a lot of people thinking, ‘oh my gosh, we’ve got a shooting that started on a freeway from someone being cut-off,’ but that isn’t the case here.”

The incident originally started in the 3800 block of Altamesa Blvd. in South Fort Worth. When the black Lexus, in which Neal was a passenger in, encountered a burgundy Chrysler 300, driven by the suspect Keilon Warren. During that encounter, Warren fired gunshots in the direction of the black Lexus.

However, police do not believe that Pleasant or Neal were injured at that time.

The suspect, Warren, and a second vehicle, described in the 911 tape as a black Chevrolet pickup began to chase the victim and the driver of the black Lexus near Sycamore School Road and I-35, toward Burleson. The black Lexus stopped on the service road near the intersection of Wilshire Blvd and Renfro Street when the second confrontation occurred and Neal was shot. The Lexus sped away from that location and eventually stopped in front of the Burleson Police Department, a report from the police read.

The report went on to read that Warren abandoned the burgundy Chrysler he was driving in a neighborhood near Darrin and Arnold Street and was picked up by a silver Chrysler. He was stopped behind the Burleson Police Department where he was taken into custody for the murder of Neal.

The report further stated that since the shooting, four search warrants have been executed by the Burleson Police Department. Three search warrants were executed on separate vehicles and one on a home in Fort Worth. Marijuana was located in the black Lexus and at the home. Several fake Texas identification cards, fraudulent credit cards and checks were also located in the home, along with a large amount of cash.

Neal was on his way to Burleson to witness the birth of his child. Police say they will continue to seek justice for the death of Neal.

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