Police: Video pegs neighbor for thefts

One neighbor's video surveillance and a couple of corroborating stories were enough for Burleson police to solve a neighborhood vehicle burglary crime spree.

Fredrich Hoeninghaus has been arrested for 11 vehicle burglaries he's believed to have committed against neighbors between Oct. 29-30, including one next door to his home, Burleson Police Sgt. Wes Routson said.

"One of the neighbors happened to have a surveillance camera and [Hoeninghaus] was recognized by that neighbor," Routson said.

Residents on N. Burleson Boulevard, Hearthstone Drive, Hunter Lane, Shelley Drive, Silverthorne Drive, Skylark Drive and West Bend Boulevard reported eight vehicle burglaries Oct. 30. Three others were confirmed to be related to the same suspect by police.

"The suspect had broken into numerous vehicles in the neighborhood," Routson said. "We discovered he was hiding the items in a storm drain."

Discovering that cache of evidence led to connecting Hoeninghaus to three other vehicle burglaries.

"In addition to the vehicle, there were a couple of other witnesses," Routson said. "He had told them he had lost his dog and was looking for it. Instead, he broke into cars."

None of the burglaries were by force, Routson said.

"We were able to get an arrest made and solve these cases," he said. "Lock your doors and take your valuables. In this case that may have prevented the theft."

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