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    Hughes Middle School principle Ben Renner holds the marble slab that denoted the area where the time capsules were buried.

Time capsules buried for over 20 years unearthed

Hughes Middle School was buzzing with excitement on the morning of Nov. 15, as time capsules buried for more than 20 years were due to be dug up. 

However, finding the time capsules and digging them up proved to be problematic.

“We prepped, we dug the marble slab marker up (denoting the date the capsules were buried) and we couldn’t find it,” Hughes Middle School Principle Ben Renner, said. 

Renner went as far as calling the archeology departments at University of Texas at Arlington and Texas Christian University for help.

“Both of those schools have technology that is ground penetrating sonar,” Renner said. “Both schools contacted me quickly and were willing to help. I am grateful for that.”

Before calling for back-up, through the power of social media, the time capsules, which were really just PVC pipes, were located. 

“We thought we had hit a water line, but there they were,” said Renner.

Students crowded around the seven time capsules as they were sawed open, smart phones in hand, making for an interesting juxtaposition as the 25-year-old capsules were opened. Inside were hand-written letters, photos, trinkets and sports cards.

Tyler Anderson, eighth-grade head-boy, said he was surprised by some of the things found in the time capsules.

“There were some cassette tapes in there, which we kind of figured would be in there, but there were also yearbooks and magazines, which was pretty cool,” Anderson said. “It was very cool to see, but some of it seemed outdated.”

One letter stated by the year 2017, each student would have a computer on their desk and all teachers would be robots.

“That isn’t very far from the truth,” Renner said. “Now, every teacher being a robot is silly, but each kid has a Chromebook, which was beyond their expectation back then because we also have wireless access and you get to take these laptops home. It’s pretty amazing that they were that close 25 years ago.”

Emma Colston, eighth-grade head-girl, said if she were to put anything in a time capsule, she would put several of the same items, but also a few “2017” items.

“Fidget spinners are so 2017,” Colston said. “I’d also put in letters, wondering what life is going to be like in 25 years.”

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