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    Battalion chief Casey Davis received the Charles Newby Award. Burleson Star/Brooke Boren

Two generations of firefighters receive same award

Not only did a Burleson firefighter win an award for his hard work, but he also joined his father in the station’s history.

Battalion Chief Casey Davis received the Charles Newby Award for his participation in the department’s EMS division. His father Gary Davis received the award in 1992 for saving a boy hiding in a closet from a house fire.

“I had been working on this for many, many years, so it was humbling to be recognized,” Casey said. “They kept it a secret, so I was caught off guard. It was a total surprise.”

Casey has been at the Burleson Fire Department since 2004. Thanks largely to Casey, the department is now capable of Advanced Life Support (ALS) services. When a Burleson resident calls 9-1-1, a fire truck and ambulance respond, and the paramedics on the fire truck can now do almost everything that the paramedics on the ambulance can do.

“There’s some life-saving things that [the firefighters] can do immediately before the ambulance gets there that can change the outcome of someone,” Casey said.

While Casey was the one that received the award, it was a group effort to get the program running. Casey said it wouldn’t have been possible without Chief Freeman, in addition to the paramedics and firefighters out doing the work everyday.

“I mean, they’re the real ones out there that are saving the lives and changing the lives of people out there on the streets,” he said. “I just get to be the guy that is in charge to help them make sure that that happens. It’s all the guys on the truck that are out there day to day doing it, and I want to make sure that I give them the credit they deserve.”

The Charles Newby Award is not given out every year, which makes it that much more special to Casey. It is given out to recognize a member of the Burleson Fire Department who exemplifies determination and personal pride. It got its namesake from Newby, who served two terms as fire chief and was responsible for growing the department.

“I was nominated by several different people for Fire Officer of the Year, and the committee looked at it and thought really this is an award that’s a little more special,” Casey said. “We’re really changing the service that we’re providing to the citizens, so they felt like it was more Charles Newby Award rather than Fire Officer of the Year.”

Casey ascribes his growing up wanting to become a firefighter to his father and growing up at the Burleson Fire Department.

“I knew from an early age that I wanted to be a fireman,” Casey said. “It was pretty special to me to be awarded the same award that my dad was.”

His dad said he always knew Casey would be a firefighter and that it’s awesome to share this with him. Gary was in the audience when Casey received the award.

“Twenty-five years later, this is really awesome,” Gary said. “It’s in our blood.”

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