• Carl Edward Brewer, 17, was arrested Wednesday and charged with two counts of murder. BURLESON STAR/COURTESY PHOTO

"Faint odor of death" led to discovery of couples bodies

BPD SWAT lends assist during standoff

A press conference by the Crowley Police Department last Thursday brought out more information on deaths of Troy Brewer, 60, and his wife Mary Brewer, 63.

The Brewer’s bodies were found inside their home in the 800 block of Buffalo Court last Tuesday evening.

The couple’s 17-year-old adoptive son, Carl Edward Brewer, was arrested last

Wednesday afternoon and charged with two counts of murder. He6 was arraigned that afternoon by Judge Darla Peevey and bond was set at $100,000 for each charge for a total bond of $200,000.

According Crowley Police Chief Luis Soler an anonymous caller last Tuesday told police that he had been smoking marijuana with Carl Brewer and that Carl had confessed to killing his parents.

Officers went to the Brewer's home.

“They went to the location and did all they could to make contact,” Soler said. “But nothing seemed out of place. They filed a report and left.”

Lt. Robert Gray said that when night shift officers came in at 6 p.m. they decided to return to the home to investigate.

Gray and several detectives reported to the seen and after discussion agreed that something didn’t seem in the order.

"At that time we were able to see into one of the windows and we were able to see evidence of a possible struggle,” Gray said. “We were also receiving back information fromfrom American Airlines. We knew the father was supposed to be on call at work but no one was answering the phones (at the house).”

Gray said there was also the “faint odor of death” at the residence and a decision was made to perform a welfare check.

The officers made entry through the rear glass door and found Troy Brewer’s body in one room and Mary Brewer’s body in another room.

"At that time we heard what we believed were footsteps coming from the second story above us,” Gray said. “Given the circumstances that there were potential weapons in the house and that someone was upstairs, I made the determination to back everyone out and contact SWAT.”

Brewer was taken into custody following a 12-hour standoff with help from the Burleson Police Department SWAT team.

The Fort Worth Police Department’s SWAT team came and relieved the Burleson unit. Carl Brewer had barricaded himself into a room at the home.

After refusing to speak with police, Carl Brewer surrendered to police following the use of tear gas. The standoff lasted until about 7 a.m. last Wednesday.

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Carl Edward Brewer, 17, was arrested Wednesday and charged with two counts of murder. BURLESON STAR/COURTESY PHOTO