The business of the news industry

It was recently reported that the McClatchy Newspaper group that owns the Fort Worth Star-Telegram has decided Fort Worth is not a western state property, but rather a mid-west paper like its other papers in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. McClatchey has decided to move editorial direction to their Kansas City offices.  
If this happens it will make a significant change in look and content of the Star-Telegram.  
It has also been reported that three of its’ eight editors are being released along with reporters and support staff.
 It is understandable that since McClatchy lost over 37 million dollars in the first quarter of this year they are looking for ways to cut their overhead. What will this do to the content and quality of the Star-Telegram publications in the future?
 A logical question would be, why does the Burleson Star care what happens to the Star-Telegram? Well, the answer is pretty simple.  The Star-Telegram is looking for a source of revenue to help corporate loss and will try to convince advertisers who are eager to reach the Burleson market to become advertisers in special event publications distributed in the Burleson area.  
Naturally, this action would have the potential to reduce advertiser support of our paper and we don’t want that to happen.  However, we also point out that with a reduced staff and new direction from Kansas City they will not be able to achieve what we are doing for the Burleson community; telling the community what is happening in Burleson locally via the only weekly newspaper based in Burleson, The Burleson Star.
Support Burleson, support local journalism, support your Burleson Star.

Dianne Egan and David Martin are the Principals’ of the Burleson Star.

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