Coldheart's Column-Who do we have to blame?

Dear readers, I was horrified like you were to learn about the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen students and teachers had their lives ended because of a senseless act. We are eight weeks into the year and there have been eight shootings in schools that have resulted in injury or death.

A question on many people’s minds, I’m sure, is, who do we blame? Who is at fault here? Is it a mental health issue? Nikolas Cruz had been known to have psychiatric problems, as well as a love of guns. Is it a gun access issue? Several news outlets report that Cruz had up to 10 guns at his disposal and the AR-15 he used to murder his innocent victims were bought legally. Is it an FBI issue? The FBI had been alerted to a comment that Cruz made on social media, saying he, “wanted to be a professional school shooter,” but the FBI claims they were never able to fully connect the comment to Cruz.

Is it because there is an abundance of violence in the media, TV shows and video games now? All of that is equally represented in other countries, yet gun violence seems to be an American problem.

Students across the nation are angry and I don’t blame them. A national school walkout has been planned in protest of the school shootings. Kids don’t feel safe in school, which should serve as a santuary of knowledge for them.
I am probably the youngest editor this paper has had, but it makes me feel old when I say that kids have a harder time growing up nowadays. It seems as though the children of today have a much harder go of it than I did in high school. I can’t imagine going to school and being worried in the back of my mind that I, my friends or teachers may be gunned down, can you?

Next week, the Burleson Star will feature a story on what Burleson ISD is doing to keep kids safe. I know that topic is on the minds of many parents -- and students, right now.

Bethann “Coldheart” Coldiron is the editor of the Burleson Star, and she is fed up with gun violence.

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