The cost of journalism

Most people don’t know what goes into the production of their weekly newspaper. The Burleson Star is made up of a small staff. We have one editor, one sports editor, one part-time writer, two ad reps, one office manager, one general manager and an intern. Sometimes people call or email asking if we can send a photographer out to cover an event or grand opening and I chuckle to myself and think, “I am the photographer.”
Why do we invest in the reporting that we do? Because Burleson is our community, too. It’s where we live and work, attend church, where our children go to school and shop. The stories that we write and report on are for community awareness. That is why strong reporting and community newspapers are so important. Burleson and Johnson County are often ignored by TV and radio stations in Fort Worth and Dallas unless something really big happens.

By supporting and reading the Burleson Star, you are ensuring a future for your community newspaper. The revenue from subscriptions and advertising allows us to pay our staff, keep the lights on and print the paper each week. It also allows us to inform readers of important issues happening right here in Burleson.

A recent Gallup poll showed that a mere 39 percent of Americans currently trust the “media.” While I certainly wouldn’t rope the Burleson Star into the same category as broadcast news, we are still a member of the media, and one I hope that the people of Burleson and Johnson County find trustworthy. Our staff are dedicated to the paper. No one goes into journalism and the newspaper industry to make the “big bucks.” The Burleson Star is just like any other small business - we do it because we are passionate about delivering a quality source of news to our neighbors. That being said, we also need the support of our neighbors.

We are here. We are your neighbors. We are your Burleson Star.


Bethann “Coldheart” Coldiron is the editor of the Burleson Star. Want to talk? Email or call 817-295-0486.

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