Don't Drive Past Opportunities

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I have a habit of pulling over to purchase fresh farm fruit, honey, or golf balls. The reason I do this, friends, is because they could be not as fortunate as me. Or perhaps I could benefit from this person’s situation. Further, I have a good friend, Paul Gnadt, who is a writer for our Burleson Star. He is quite the golfer and probably loses golf balls sometimes. At least, that is what I think. I could be wrong on that.

Yesterday in the intense heat, I saw an old man named Mike selling golf balls just off of FM 1187. He was quite the salesman and he managed to sell me a wood driver as well. He gave me a great deal and price. I hope that Paul has a use for it as well. You see, it is my belief that we have an obligation to acquire things merely to give them away.

Once upon a time, my dad bought me and my two brothers a set of golf clubs at the Montgomery Ward bargain room. They came with three golf balls and a few tees.

We made a golf course on our property getting ready to go to a real golf course in Everman. The first hole was a par three 190-yard hole. My oldest brother hit his ball across the road. Next, my brother Ben was up. Ben hit his shot right into the water hazard. How could I do any worse? I teed my ball up high and hit a hard two iron and the ball went on to the green about six feet from the hole. I thought that I was a natural. Wrong. Friends, do not get too cocky with your life. The devil is always waiting to get into your soul. It took brothers Ben and Wayne a week and a half to get on the green. I was just a few feet from the hole and laying for a birdie and putted my second shot way off of the green. I ended up getting 20 on my first hole.

Maybe God humbled me. Sometimes you and I deserve it. I have been called Barnabas most of my adult life. I love to encourage people as Barnabas of the Bible did. We should all take the time to make others feel better. So what do you have going for you? This week, I challenge you to do four things. Pray and fast. Call or text someone and tell them of their value. And fourth, encourage everyone that you meet. Both of you will be the better because of it. Amen.

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