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First anniversary of new “Burleson Star” leadership

It will be the one year anniversary of our purchase of the “Burleson Star” on April 7, 2017.  As in any new business project change is inevitable and as I have said in our other business ventures, the most effective way to cope with change is to help create it.  We are continuing to have a lot of opportunities to make changes in the “Burleson Star” procedures and policies, probably more than we want to deal with on a daily basis.  We should point out we bought the “Burleson Star” because we believed since the paper is the only media outlet in Burleson, if you want to know what is happening in Burleson you need to read the Burleson Star.  

 Some of the changes we have had to address have been painful like the loss of our leading marketing and sales person to another business opportunity and the loss of our editor.  Fortunately, we had just hired Janice Kring followed by Kate Gates, both doing a great job of bringing marketing ideas to our advertisers. We also acquired a top writer, Bethann Coldiron with solid editorial capabilities. When we lost our editor we asked her to take over the responsibilities of designing the paper, handling website updates as well as social media management. She has given the paper a “new look” and we hope you like it as much as we do.  We lost our graphic artist of four years to the Coast Guard but with his help we acquired the services of Duane Boyd, a graphic artist with many years’ experience.  All of this happened in the course of one year.  Of course, there are many others on the team that make the paper run on a very tight schedule acquiring local news and getting that news to you, the readers, on a weekly basis.  We are excited about owning the paper and hope you enjoy the new look and timely fashion in which we bring you news.  Remember when you want to know about what is happening in Burleson you need to read the “Burleson Star.”

Dianne Egan and David Martin own the Burleson Star.

Burleson Star

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