Letters: Cherrie and Randy Green

We are supporting Adam King in the run-off election for Johnson County sheriff and urge all voters to research for themselves his qualifications and those of his opponent.

Adam has earned the respect of the men and women who have worked with and for him. His work ethic is strong, his professional integrity is transparent and he does not ask a law enforcement officer to do something he has not done or is not willing to do himself.

Adam has strong conservative values. He lives, works and is raising his family in Johnson County. As the current Commander of the STOP [Stop the Offender] Program, he has demonstrated his commitment to keep the welfare and safety of the Johnson County community and its children a priority. Adam's team works every day to put the most violent criminals, gang members, drug dealers and child predators behind bars.

His opponent in this race, endorsed by Sheriff Bob Alford, currently serves as the sheriff's chief deputy. His expertise, according to an ad placed in the Burleson Star on Feb. 25, is in administration.

We believe that the men and women who are the Johnson County Sheriff's Office first responders want and deserve a leader who has been in their shoes – a leader who has had a 29-year career of active, full-time law enforcement, being "first through the door," and who has been trained by the best our nation has to offer. As a member of the U.S. Army military police, Adam received specialized training from Army Special Forces and, later, as a civilian law enforcement officer, was nominated and selected to attend the elite FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

Adam King has had more than 2,400 hours of formal police training and is certified as a police academy instructor. He can hire an administrator.

Cherrie and Randy Green      

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