This month in history- March

Newton:  It is late in the month and I haven’t seen your commentary about what happened in March in Johnson County and Burleson through the years.  Don’t forget!

John:  Sit back, put on your reading glasses and enjoy.

1867:  After a part of Johnson County was cut off to form Hood County, an election was held to move the county seat closer to the middle of the county.  By election on the 23rd it was decided to move the seat from Buchanan to Camp Henderson.  The site (later renamed for Civil War hero Pat Cleburne) was selected because of flowing springs on the banks of East and West banks of Buffalo Creeks.  (Byrd)

1869:  The Cleburne Chronicle warned “farmers against planting too much cotton.  From the information we can get, we are satisfied there will be an immense migration to Johnson County next fall.  They will have to be supplied with provisions.  We would urge our farmers to plant enough grain."   

 1872:  How to use whiskey without injury:  Pour a glass half full of the best rye whiskey, sweeten it with sugar, grate in it a little nutmeg, let it stand for five minutes; then add a few drops of Jamaica ginger, then pour it into a slop pail.”  (Chronicle)

1873:  W.E. Gates found near Grandview parts of fossil remains of a mastodon, which carries the mind back to the age of giants, leviathans and huge things generally. (Chronical)

1874:  Horse thieves struck near Alvarado last night. But apparently got lost during the night and were discovered by Sheriff Arnolds’s posse asking directions to Waxahachie. (Chronical) 

1882:  “Cleburne is as full of life as any city in the state.  Everyone enjoys themselves.  The square brilliantly lighted every night, music in the saloons, and the kindly welcome that greets, no matter how late the trains may be, is proof that the “Puritanical tidal wave” has not reached us.”  (Democrat)

1882:  Johnson County Deputy Sheriff Tom Colter arrested and lodged in jail two men caught in the act of stealing onions from a garden in Cleburne.  To steal anything is bad enough but the man who steals onions ought never to be pardoned.  (Democrat)

1893:  Burleson Masonic Lodge #649 was chartered with 21 members. (Burleson 100 Years)

1926:  Burleson Aldermen established a $100.00 reward for the arrest and conviction of arsonists for unlawfully setting fire to any store, building, residence, barn or outhouse. (Burleson 100 years)

1958:  In Burleson, the first service was conducted for what was to eventually become Calvary Baptist Church.  The service was held in the Nola Dunn Elementary School.  (Burleson 100 Years)

 1960:  The City of Burleson adopted an ordinance creating the position of Chief of Police.  (Burleson 100 Years)

1964:  Jimmy Rogers, President of the BISD Board of Education, dedicated the new A.E. Frazier Elementary School.  Mr. Frazier has served as BISD Vocational Ag teacher for  many years beginning in 1947.  (Burleson 100 Years)


John Duke Smith is a Burleson history buff.  If you have a question, you can contact him at johndukesmith@sbcglobal,net.

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