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OPINION: How to ask Dad for a treat

The second I get home on Fridays, my 5-year-old son Camden is there to ask me if I have a treat for him.

Now, Cam is adorable when he does this. But it's obvious to everyone that he's working me with that adorability.

Cam does this to me always. Soon as I open that front door. He's right there. Always. ALWAYS. He is quite persistent about it.

I adore the little scamp, so I try to bear in mind that buying Cam candy (occasionally) is my job as his father.

But the way I see it, giving Daddy some space is Camden's job.

Bugging Daddy in this abrupt manner was always a "no-no" that my own father taught me not to do. And I see where Dad was coming from.


To honor Camden's persistence, but also encourage him to wait a bit before giving his dad the hard-sell, I'm saving up money to buy him the greatest treats ever.

In one lump sum.

These treats are:

1. One chocolate college bachelors diploma.

(Possibly also with a masters made of pecan pralines and a doctorate made of rich fudge brownies.)

2. A long-lived car built with peppermint candy that uses cherry Kool-Aid for fuel. (Oh, YEAH!)

3. A house next door to our residence that is made entirely of cinnamon toothpicks. Cam's home rests on top of a caramel sandbox .

4. An apple pie shaped like a loving and understanding wife.

(Or, conversely, a modified Mrs. Butterworth's bottle that serves the same function. Like the animated kitchen utensils in Beauty And The Beast.)

5. A bowl of banana pudding in the form of a Fortune 500 company that Camden owns.

And finally:

6. A treat for both Camden and me -- little chocolate and vanilla ice cream cakes shaped like my future grandchildren.

I'll hide away my cakes and preserve them so they can stay young, cute and happy forever.

And I promise you, whatever those cute little cake scamp grandchildren do, they will know the appropriate time to pester their grandfather for a treat.

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