OPINION: If it Was Easy, Everybody Would be Doing It ....

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If it was easy, everyone would do it.
That’s a highly motivational thought that I’ve often returned to when faced with a challenge. When I’m running that last mile, when I’m learning a new skill, and sometimes, when life just seems too hard I think, “If it was easy, everyone would do it.”
If it was easy to run a marathon, we’d all have gold medals.
If it was easy to play guitar, we’d all be rock stars. If it was easy to learn a new language, we’d all be ambassadors. The list goes on.
If it was easy to recreate the things we see on Pinterest, there would be no Pinterest fails. Google this! This is one of my favorite things in the world.
If it was easy to make perfect bacon, we’d all eat perfect breakfasts. If it was easy to be a perfect parent, we’d all have perfect kids. If it was easy to balance our emotions, we’d all be Zen masters.
If it was easy to change the world, the world would be a better place.
The truth is, it’s not easy, and while we’re trying to figure it out, the future can be very scary.
It’s not easy to stay up all night with a sick child, to be responsible for another person’s life. Figuring out how to be a good parent is just as hard as calculus, and no one can really tell us if we got the answer right.
It’s not easy to be responsible; it’s not easy to always be honest, even with ourselves. But, there’s another truth here. Too often, it seems everyone is doing what’s easy, rather than what’s right.
It is easier not to run that extra mile. It’s easier to watch television, blame others, and it’s always easier to give up.
It’s much easier to check out of the world than to change it.
It’s easier to hand our kids phones than to figure out the calculus of parenthood. But there’s a third truth that we forget, but only need to be reminded of.
We don’t have to learn a new language; we just need to learn how to talk to people who speak other languages.
It’s okay not to play the guitar; we can try the drums.
We don’t have to be perfect parents; we can raise great kids together in our communities, our tribes. And, it’s not easy for one person to change the world, but it’s a lot easier when we work together.
So, it seems to me that isolation is not the solution to the world’s problems. If it was easy to make the world a better place, we’d live in a Utopia now. And, it would be easy to give up, to abandon hope and crawl into a hole.
The truth is, as hard as life can be at times, we don’t have to do any of it alone. Life doesn’t have to be a marathon. We can run it as a relay race. We can do so much more together than if we’re isolated.
We just have to remember what that’s like.

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