Principals' Corner "A GIFT"

Oct 4, 2017


Principals’ Corner “A GIFT”


If you have children or grandchildren that will graduate from Centennial or Burleson High Schools in 2018, we have a gift for them and you. I think you’ll agree with us that young people have changed how they communicate and how they find their entertainment, news and sports. The common denominator is an electronic platform for content for smart phones, notepads and personal computers. Of course, when young people look to electronic services they abandon information sources like newspapers, magazines and white papers. This is especially important when young people are graduating from high school, moving away to college or seeking a career in the Burleson community. How will they maintain a link with their hometown community? We think we have come up with the answer. The Burleson Star publishes an electronic edition of our newspaper, easily accessible via smart phones, notepads and personal computers. We offer this service as a gift to all graduates from Centennial and Burleson High Schools in 2018 absolutely free for one year. This way we can see what kind of content these new graduates are seeking and they in turn can see what is going on “back home” at a quick glance. We hope you support this “gift” with enthusiasm. We hope Burleson’s young grads find this electronic service a good way to keep in touch with their home community or look for a career opportunity in Burleson using The Burleson Star online version. Because, when you want to know what is going on in Burleson, you need to read The Burleson Star.



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