Smith: Poem a family's memory from WWII

Doyle: Please read and comment on a Mother’s Day poem mailed in 1943 by my oldest brother, Douglas Bransom, to our mother. Douglas was serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II. The poem is a special heirloom preserved by my family, and I hope it will inspire your readers to remember their mother in a personal way on Mother's Day, May 8.  

Mom, It will soon be Mother’s Day again.
The most wonderful day in the year;
But there [are] a lot of us [who are] going to spend this one over here.
We will be thinking of you, most precious and dear;
The one we love when far or near.
There are many mothers with one, and a lot with more;
But, not many like you, with five sons at war.
So don’t feel bad, downhearted and blue;
For you and Dad are one of the few,
Who have five sons to come home to you.
So think of the day when we are on our way,
To see our Mother so lovely and grey.
She will be wearing five stars on a dress so blue;
You will stand out in front with just a few,
Who have five boys in service, the same as you.
Well, Mom, there is a lot more nice things I could say,
But to write them all it would take more than a day.
So, I will say be sweet, and wear a smile,
We will all be home after awhile.

John: This is a great love poem from a son to his mother.

It reminds me of the sacrifices made by mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters during time of war. During WWII many of Burleson’s young men and women joined the war effort.

One of those families was Burleson’s night watchman, Mallie Bransom, and his wife, Nora. Five of their six sons volunteered for service during WWII. Four served in the U.S. Navy in the Pacific and one served in the U.S. Army in Europe.  Doyle said that he also wanted to volunteer, but he was too young.

Douglas wrote this poem to his mother while serving in the South Pacific during the war with Japan. When you read this poem, read it from the perspective of Nora. I am sure her sons, being in danger and far from home, were constantly in her prayers and thoughts.

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