Valentine’s Day for the rest of us

It’s easy to feel invisible on Valentine’s Day when the last time you felt close to another human was a volleyball team huddle in 2007, but have no fear. I see you, and I’m here to propose an alternate view on the sometimes dreaded Valentine’s Day extravaganza.

Your first step to overcoming the single-on-Valentine’s-Day stigma is turning the holiday around. Hallmark wants it to be about a relationship with a significant other, but focusing on friendships is a foolproof way to avoid disappointment. My friends and I haven’t had Valentines since everyone in elementary school was forced to pass out cards to every student in the class, so we’re professionals at this.

We celebrate Galentine’s Day every year, and it’s impossible to feel like you’re missing out on something whilst being around a group of people you can totally be yourself around. We eat enough junk food to feed a village, do face masks and say silent prayers for all the women that are currently enduring their most painful high heels and an awkward conversation in an overcrowded restaurant.

Being single is truly one of the best ways to live. You don’t have to share your heart-shaped chocolates with anyone. Nobody messes up your Netflix queue or watches an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” without you. You get to treat yourself to those new shoes you’ve had your eye on instead of buying a present for someone else.

Misery loves company, but if you’re fortunate enough to celebrate the day of love with people that still love you even in your sweatpants with chocolate crumbs all over you, that’s an occasion worth celebrating. After all, you probably got through New Year’s Eve without a midnight kiss, and it would be a shame to ruin your streak now.

Stay strong, because on Feb. 15 you can take a deep breath and reward yourself for making it through another Valentine’s Day. The best part? You get to do so with half-priced Valentine’s candy and probably a better night’s sleep than couples whose comforter is somehow never big enough for the two of them.

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