What makes a newspaper a STAR?

I have been a subscriber to the Burleson Star since the 60's. I go back to Wayne Hutson, James Moody and beyond. As we begin the 90's, I notice that their is a common denominator. Current information, quality up to date sports results, and editorials that keep you reading on. Plus, the sales staff works well with the graphics department and does a great job with the upper sky-box which is in color.

In addition it is easy to find classified ads and garage sales in your area. The Burleson Star does a fine job with sensitive obituaries and keeps that information current. I love my Star that I have been receiving for several decades.

Yes, you can receive them in the mail, by computer, or through-out Burleson proper. They print what is valuable to read. I enjoy what is written about the city, the school district, and crime reporting. I am further amazed about Andy Pickens and his leadership with the school district, the chamber, and so forth. Our mayor, city council, superintendent Dr. Bret Jimerson, trustees and students are the best in the state. The school principals are rock solid.

All of this information is of no value if it is not reported on a timely basis. Their sports editor Ricky Moore is a pristine  information collector.

You might be wondering if I work for the Star. Nope, this is a mere commentary. Yet, I do encourage you to take the Star. Your life will shine if you do.

That is a fact. I have been asked why I have been taking the Star for so many years. My mother and father started my interest with my sports involvement. I still have many copies from the 1960's with yellow corners. Yes, they are keep-sakes.

Yes, I remember the Burleson Dispatcher and fond memories. But, my Star is the Burleson Star and I hope that you consume it as I do. Happy Holidays.

Brother Hank Hoalridge II is a Commentary and Devotion Writer for the Burleson Star. He can be reached by email at 4grace@att.net or by phone at 817-360-0083. You can also catch him at 8 a.m. on the internet at thefoxoldies.com or at 9 a.m. on sammeyersclassiccountry.com

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