When life gets tough, be like a woodpecker

As you might have guessed by my equestrian activities, I am a lover of all animals. Dogs? Love them. I have two of my own. Cats? So sweet and cuddly. Birds? So graceful and pretty. I love sitting on my large front porch and watching them fly around the two old pecan trees in my front yard. Their swooping and flying and pretty songs they sing make my heart happy.

Recently, I noticed that we had a new addition to the neighborhood, but his presence alluded me. I could hear him but couldn’t see him. Our friend, the woodpecker. Tuesday morning, just like clockwork, he started pecking at 7 a.m. The loud jackhammer noise was audible in my kitchen, which is toward the back of our house.

I heard my husband open the front door and go outside, looking for our shy friend. He quickly came back in.

“Bethann!” he said. “I see him!”

I rushed out to join him on the front porch. There it was at the top of the telephone pole by our driveway, it red, black and white feathers just barely visible. Peck, peck peck! He was not disturbed by our presence and kept at the task at hand - or in it’s case - beak.

“Why is he pecking at that telephone pole?” My husband asked me. “He’s never going to get through that thing. He’d be better off pecking at a tree, which is much softer.”

I shrugged. “I don’t know,” I said. “But it must be pretty determined.”

That got me thinking. When life gets hard, be like our friend the woodpecker. Don’t give up even when a task seems nearly impossible to accomplish. When things get hard, keep on pecking.


Bethann “coldheart” Coldiron is the editor of the Burleson Star.

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